How to get booked on a Four Chords and the Truth line-up

Four Chords & the Truth was founded to amplify songwriters and the craft of songwriting, expose song and music lovers to great songs and songwriters, and support our beautiful community of creators.

There is no formal application process to join a Four Chords and the Truth line-up: bookings are currently done by invitation only.

So, how does one get invited?

1) If you’ve never been to a Four Chords and the Truth show, we recommend that you attend one: it’s the best way to know what we’re all about. It’s also a great way to meet some really nice people, get inspired by and support songwriters, and experience one of the best, most respectful audiences ever.

2) You must be a professional songwriter. We’re not an artist showcase: although some of the songwriters who have appeared at FCATT are also artists, they’re all songwriters. For more context, please see a list of songwriters who’ve played our show.

3. Join our mailing list to find out about future events.

4. Follow us on socials. We’ll follow you back (unless your values and our values don’t align – see #5 below).

5) In the words of a wise, superb songwriter (Lori McKenna): “be humble and kind.” We don’t book people who slag other creators &/or their work on socials. If you do that, our values aren’t aligned and we’re just not the show for you. FYI: we believe in freedom of speech, but freedom comes (or should come) with responsibility. We’re here to lift people up, not tear them down. On that note, we’re a signatory of the The Code and the BDRB because an equitable, diverse and inclusive world is a better world, and an equitable, diverse and inclusive stage is a better stage.

6) Although FCATT is an established songwriters series, we love to hear about emerging writers and our founder will often give up her own seat in the 2nd round to introduce someone new. To be that someone new, see #1-5 above.